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Studio Hemal Patel is a strategic design consultancy that delivers beautifully crafted, intelligent products and experiences. We employ a rigorous research and development framework to pursue our ethos of 'forward leaning, divergent thinking problem solving'. Our approach is driven by a deep desire to celebrate materials and processes, and create products that initiate a positive emotional user response.

Founded in 2018 by design engineer Hemal Patel, Studio Hemal Patel is a young, fresh, London-based design practice with big ambitions of designing and redefining the material world in a progressive, holistic way. Born in the UK, but with Indian heritage, Hemal grew up with influences from both cultures which inform his decision making to this day. He studied at Loughborough University and then Cambridge University, and then worked in the manufacturing engineering industry before settling into design.

If you want to work with us to create something new, improve lives and add a little joy please drop us a line or email.